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4 Elements Award program: Demiurgus of digitulus Art award - one of the best awards for artists on the web, click here to visit the parent site!

Exhibitions and Viewings

February 3, 2005 — February 17, 2005 Venta de Taller also featuring Alejandro Escribano
Galeria: Plaza Yungay
Street: Rafael Sotomayor 685
Santiago, Chile - [681.7078]

July 23, 2004 — August 6, 2004
The Pendulum's Root
Series: "Morphosis; the Erosion of Residual Equilibrium"]
Galeria: Posada del Corregidor
Street: Esmeralda - #749
Santiago, Chile - [633.5573]

2003 - Included Entries at the Exposition of Collection at the Quilicura Art Project

2001 - Expo at the Audiovisual Salon, Quilicura Municipal Library: "Vendavales"

Works in the Works

The following images represent partial, incomplete, and/or experimental pieces from Mr. Romero's personal collection. These works may not be purchased at present — however, selected pieces may be moved into the galleries for future purchase and display.

Dedication, Evolution, Desire

An artist is not born, nor made — an artist is grown from both. While not yet thirty, Adolfo Javier has honed his talents from the time he could hold a brush or pen... imitating those he admired at first, then applying "reality" to canvas, cloth, paper — the subject was all, the medium was merely a device upon which to capture the subject. In his mid-twenties, Adolfo moved beyond still life and into dynamic life: emotion, expression, mood.

The colors changed, the subject demanded it, for humanity was not in children at play or a portrait of the beach, but in swirls of hidden interaction and invisible stance and suggestion. Faces of those in thought, in pain, in love — the faces remained, but only as points about which the unseen became real, a stroke of brilliant oils above, around, through them. No longer mimickry, the first of Adolfo's collections had begun to form...

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